Sunday, 10 June 2012

Devus Premium Leather Locking Chasity and PupTail/Butt plug harness

Here are some photos taken of a final prototype of the Premium Leather Chastity/PupTail harness taken last night, modelled by the ever-so cute pup "Puppy".

He is wearing it with the Devus Premium Silicone Puppytail Buttplug and The Fort 3000 Stainless Steel Chastity Device. It can also be used with the CB3000, CB6000 and Curve devices.

Comfort was excellent both when standing and on all fours with the tail holder adjusting itself on the straps.

The chastity device he held in-place by a steel plate with 3 holes, so you don't need to worry about the leather giving way with wear. As usual none of the metal parts touch the skin.

All the buckles can be used with or without locks and will be black in the final version. The tail holder can be removed so it can be worn like a leather jock, still using the chastity device, leaving the tail hole open for other uses!

It also comes with a butt plug holder (not show) that can be used to hold in a butt plug, allowing the whole thing to be worn under street clothes during the day when a tail would obviously get in the way.

Projected Suppliers suggested retail price is around $149 (£96) but we will try to get that down if we can! (Chastity device, Tail and Butt Plug not included).

Thanks to Clubcollared in London for allowing us to use their space to take the photos.


  1. Looks very promising indeed and I will surely keep an eye on it for when it will become available.

    Will the three metal pins for the chastity device be exchangeable or made available for specific length so the chastity device can be well adjusted assuring there really would be no escaping it?

  2. No there are just 3 holes in the plate, the ring from the chastity device is behind the leather so it is as secure as the device alone, plus the harness keeps it in-place.


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